Impact of University Climate on Teachers’ Morale in Public Sector Universities in Pakistan

  • Nosheen Swar International Islamic University Islamabad, Pakistan
  • Dr. Samina Malik International Islamic University Islamabad, Pakistan
  • Dr. N. B. Jumani International Islamic University Islamabad, Pakistan
Keywords: University Climate, Teacher Morale, Public Sector


An institution that works for individuals or is fretful with fulfilling the requirements of students may have a climate where the teachers sense an assured egotism and self-importance, have their place in that organization. Various factors are involved to get the highest competence and output from the teachers i.e. service safety, positive institutional climate, and good income. The self-confidence of professors and a positive university climate play an important role to give the students a quality education. This study identified the university atmosphere and examined the influence of the university environment on the confidence of professors. A mixed-methods approach was used to perform the study.  The initial seven plus ten declarations on the tool signify the exposed environment, and the preceding seven plus ten avowals represent the confined environment. A self-developed morale scale and face-to-face meetings were steered for data collection. The population of the study was 4210 teachers and 350 heads of departments in Punjab province. The sample was 35 leaders, 255 male and 171 female teachers from public sector universities in Punjab, using proportional, and stratified random sampling techniques. Tested the readability test of the revisions with participants, the null hypotheses were tested. Both data were analyzed with quantitative and qualitative analytical tools that followed the content analysis technique. The results showed that most public sector universities in Pakistan have an open climate like a closed university climate. However, it was found that noteworthy variance existed in the ethical level of teachers working in open and closed atmospheres.

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Nosheen Swar, Dr. Samina Malik, & Dr. N. B. Jumani. (2021). Impact of University Climate on Teachers’ Morale in Public Sector Universities in Pakistan. Research Journal of Social Sciences and Economics Review, 2(1), 51-59.