India-China Economic Relations: Implications for Pakistan

  • Sabahat Jaleel Lecturer, University of Engineering and Technology, Taxila
  • Bakhtiar Ahmed Assistant Professor, Shaikh Ayaz University Shikarpur
  • Saqib Wahab Mahar Assistant Professor, Shaikh Ayaz University Shikarpur
Keywords: GDP, FDI, Geostrategic, Geopolitical


India-China revisited their foreign policy post-Cold War. Bilateral economic relation was initiated to enhance trade and this was not restricted to trade but limited to just trade but also extended to various energy and developmental projects. The ameliorating relations between these two countries created concern for already Chinese dependent country i.e. Pakistan. The apprehension was well justified as the improved relations of China with India would eventually mean China’s attention is shifted to a relatively stable and stronger nation that would not only provide access to China of a route to Central Asian countries but will also improve China's diplomatic and economic standing in the world. Although Pakistan has got the support of China in many national as well as international conflicts, a stable partner like India will lead to progress and improvement of trade and co-operation in another field. This would make China rethink its partnership with Pakistan. However, Pakistan has attempted to keep China's interest at distance from India's obvious allure; it would be a matter of time before China moves its attention to India if Pakistan's contemporary domestic economic, political, and security conditions do not improve shortly. Consequently, India-China's economic relations can pave the way for a much stronger alliance, which would cause a severe geostrategic and geopolitical hindrance for Pakistan.

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Sabahat Jaleel, Bakhtiar Ahmed, & Saqib Wahab Mahar. (2021). India-China Economic Relations: Implications for Pakistan. Research Journal of Social Sciences and Economics Review, 2(2), 378-385.