A Study of Human Resource Management Problems Faced by Heads of Public Schools

  • Dr. Sarwat Maqbool Educational Planning Policy Studies and Leadership AIOU Islamabad
  • Muhammad Ashraf
  • Mrs. Ishrat
Keywords: Human Resource Management, Heads, Public Schools, Problems


The study was conducted to identify the HRM practices and to sort out major HRM problems faced by heads of institutions working in public schools. The main objectives of study were: To identify the current HRM practices of heads working under FGEIs (C/G) Directorate and to identify the problems related to HRM faced by Heads of these schools. It was a descriptive study in nature. Population of study consisted of Heads and teachers of all public secondary schools working under FGEIs (C/G) Directorate, in Rawalpindi division namely Wah, Rawalpindi and Chaklala Regions as Directors, GSOs-I/Regional Directors. As it was a descriptive study so research tools were developed in the form of a questionnaires and interviews after comprehensive literature review and with the consultation of the supervisor of the study. Two questionnaires were developed by researcher with the help of supervisor and consulting various Ph.D’s in Education.

Data was collected from Heads and Teachers through questionnaires while personally visiting the institutions in most of the cases. Data collected through interviews and open ended questions was analyzed through thematic analysis. Main conclusions were: Heads do not get staff on demand in in FGEIs. Recruitment standards/Procedures are comparatively better in FGEIs. Teachers/staff are selected on merit in FGEIs Directorate. Teachers are always regularly promoted to higher grades in FGEIs. in FGEIs promotion is always based on seniority. Opinion of Principal is never sought while promoting teachers to next higher grade in FGEIs.  Human Resources are rarely motivated in FGEIs. Main recommendations were: There should be involvement of heads in selection of teachers for school in FGEIs because head knows the situation and demand of school better than top management. Teachers in FGEIs are assigned duties other than teaching which adversely affects their teaching.. Top management of FGEIs should take steps to enhance the social welfare and incentives given to teachers. Teachers remain often under stress due to late meeting of DPC in FGEIs. Periodically meetings of DPC should be held in FGEIs.

Further researches may be conducted on comparison of problems faced by heads of different education systems prevailing in Pakistan. This study was delimited to only Islamabad, Wah and Rawalpindi. Further studies may be conducted on this topic at Punjab level or national level. This study focused identification of problems faced by heads; further studies may be conducted on the tentative solution of HRM problems.

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