Impact of Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) Incentive Program for Improving Girls Education in District Swat (Pakistan)

  • Dr. Sarwat Maqbool AIOU Islamabad
  • Mrs. Ishrat
  • Mrs. Aisha Khaliq
Keywords: Conditional Cash Transfer Programme, Parents Teachers Council, Incentive Programme, Head Teachers, Girls Enrolment, Secondary Schools


The major objectives of the study were to find out the impact of conditional cash transfer incentive programme for the improvement of girls education in Swat district as well as to identifying  causes of low enrolment and To what extent the incentive (stipend money) helpful in increase of female enrolment? Was there any change occurred with this CCT incentive programme. Mix method was used in this study the data were collected through questionnaire from the respondents (teachers and head teachers). They were also asked strong areas and weak areas regarding stipend money program through open ended questions. Research tool was validated through expert opinion. Two PhD teachers from faculty of education and three senior head teachers from district Swat validated the tool. They gave their opinion to rephrase and delete some items as they were not much relevant to the study. Pilot was run and Cronbach`s alpha value was .8731 as a whole. It was acceptable for data collection. The data were gathered and the results were quantified by using percentage, mean and SD. Sample size was comprises on 60 high school teachers20 high school heads. Finding of the study shows respondents (teachers and head teachers) suggested that there should be proper monitoring and evaluation process for the transparency. Thirty three percent (33%) teachers and sixty three percent (63%) head teachers recommended that stipend should be given to poor and position holder students, and stipend provision should be based on equity rather than equality. Overall such incentive programmes have a great impact on improvement of girls education and increases of girls enrolment at secondary level in the backward areas where girls education ratio is very low.

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Dr. Sarwat Maqbool, Mrs. Ishrat, & Mrs. Aisha Khaliq. (2022). Impact of Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) Incentive Program for Improving Girls Education in District Swat (Pakistan). Research Journal of Social Sciences and Economics Review, 3(1), 28-41.