Maxwell Leadership Levels of HOD’s at the Universities of Pakistan

  • Beenish Irshad Bhatti Senior Lecturer, UCP
  • Dr. Aishah Siddiquah Associate Professor, LCWU
  • Dr. Iram Irshad Bhatti Founder and President, Centre for Positive Psychology
Keywords: Position, Permission, Production, People Development, Pinnacle


This research study deals with the identification of leadership levels of HOD’s at university level to determine the kind of leaders currently working in Pakistani Universities. This study points out where majority of our educational leadership stand in the current scenario. This study was conducted upon 100 HODS from five Public and five Private universities. The sample  was provided with Maxwell’s leadership questionnaire which determines the level of a leader. The questionnaire was filled by the leaders. This study provided an insight into leadership levels present in Pakistani Universities. The findings of the study clearly show that majority of our leaders are at level 3 of Maxwell’s leadership questionnaire which is production. This ultimately, indicating that we are producing leaders whose main goal is to accomplish the task and do not focus much on collective organizational development. There is a great amount of effort which is needed to train better leaders so that employees and organizations share collective benefits in order to grow together.

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Beenish Irshad Bhatti, Dr. Aishah Siddiquah, & Dr. Iram Irshad Bhatti. (2022). Maxwell Leadership Levels of HOD’s at the Universities of Pakistan. Research Journal of Social Sciences and Economics Review, 3(1), 70-77.