Analysis of the Quality of Education at Higher Level in Bahawalpur, Pakistan

  • Sakhy Mehmood PhD Scholar, Department of Educational Training, The Islamia University Bahawalpur.
  • Dr. Hafiz Muhammad Ather Khan Chairman, Department of Educational Training, The Islamia University of Bahawalpur.
Keywords: Quality, Education, Public, Private, Colleges.


Quality is an important aspect of education. Many parameters reflect the quality of education. This study is based on physical facilities, infrastructure, coordination, and effective administration, provided by the Public and private colleges of Bahawalpur. Measures of quality assurance at public and private colleges were compared using these standards as benchmarks. All the students and the teachers of colleges of Bahawalpur were the population of the study Total of twenty (20) Colleges were randomly selected, eleven (11) colleges from the private sector and nine (09) Colleges from the public sector. Twenty-four (24) students and five (05) teachers were selected from each sample college.  A questionnaire was used to collect data. The findings of the study indicated that in fulfilling some standards, the performance of private colleges were better than public sector colleges.In some cases the performance of public sector Colleges are better than private-sector colleges.  The results showed a clear difference in the quality of education in public and private colleges of Bahawalpur. The quality of higher education may be improved from beginning to end by providing proper professional training to the teachers by revising the existing curriculum. The libraries and laboratories should be properly equipped by efficient utilization of funds and grants of extra funds where needed. The admission rules are strictly followed, and co-curricular activities in the public sector should be encouraged for punctuality and regularity in classes. It is suggested that honest, efficient, well-educated, dedicated administration and qualified teachers should be appointed.

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Sakhy Mehmood, & Dr. Hafiz Muhammad Ather Khan. (2022). Analysis of the Quality of Education at Higher Level in Bahawalpur, Pakistan. Research Journal of Social Sciences and Economics Review, 3(3), 112-118.