Measuring University Teacher Educators' Knowledge and Skills Using TPACK in Teachers Education Programs

  • Dr. Zahid Ali Assistant Professor, School of Education, American International Theism University Florida-USA
  • Dr. Hidayat Ur Rehman American International Theism University Florida-USA
  • Dr. Noor Ullah Islamic Culture Center Oslo, Norway
Keywords: University teacher Educators, Knowledge and Skills, TPACK, Teacher Education Programs


This study focuses on the perceptions that teacher educators have of their own effectiveness and capabilities with regard to the integration of technological pedagogical and content knowledge into their courses. To successfully incorporate knowledge, skills and technology into the classroom, educators’ need to have a broad base of knowledge and TPACK alludes to this breadth of knowledge. This article examines the various different types of expertise that an educator has to possess in order to successfully incorporate knowledge, skills, and technology into their lessons. In order to accomplish the objective of the research, quantitative research design was employed and teacher educators from public and private universities in Karachi, Pakistan were solicited to take part in a quantitative survey. The data were gathered with the assistance of a modified survey instrument that possesses a high level of reliability and validity. The data were then analyzed with the assistance of Statistical Software for the Social Sciences. The results of the study indicated that teachers' TPACK has a significant impact on the instructional strategies they choose to implement in their classrooms. On the basis of the findings, it is suggested that the TPACK framework be used to improve the curriculum for teacher education, to design learning strategies, to develop the teaching abilities of teachers and in order to effectively implement these strategies in their teaching practices in teacher education programs in Pakistan. This suggestion is based on the fact that the findings indicate that the framework is expedient.

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Dr. Zahid Ali, Dr. Hidayat Ur Rehman, & Dr. Noor Ullah. (2022). Measuring University Teacher Educators’ Knowledge and Skills Using TPACK in Teachers Education Programs. Research Journal of Social Sciences and Economics Review, 3(3), 83-91.