Impact of Students’ Ubiquitous Learning through Web 2.0 Tool on Students’ 21st Century Skills: Creativity and Communication

  • Dr. Safia Urooj Department of Education, University of Karachi
  • Prof. Dr. Muhammad Shahid Farooq Department of Advanced Studies in Education, Institute of Education and Research, University of the Punjab, Lahore
Keywords: Personalized Learning, Web 2.0, Communication Skills, Ubiquitous Learning, Creativity Skills.


Ubiquitous learning is transforming education by enabling human-focused learning through seamless access to resources from anywhere. In addition, these tools enhance context understanding and make it easy to interact between real and digital learning resources, all while offering individualized learning opportunities. This research surveyed public sector university teachers in Sindh and Punjab provinces of Pakistan to gather their opinions on the How web 2.0 tools and ubiquitous learning are affecting the development of 21st century learning skills in students. The research aimed to assess the impact of Web 2.0 tools for ubiquitous learning (UL) on the creativity and communication skills of graduate-level students. To collect data, the study administered a self-developed questionnaire with 50 items rated on a 7-point Likert-type scale to 500 university teachers. This constituted the primary data for the research. According to the findings, ubiquitous learning has a noteworthy effect on fostering creativity and communication skills in university students. To make ubiquitous learning successful, both private and public sector universities must have adequate ICT infrastructure and provide teacher training that focuses on ICT-based teaching methods. The study can assist university teachers in establishing a ubiquitous learning (UL) environment that employs web 2.0 tools, thereby enabling students to effectively enhance their 21st-century learning skills, including creativity and communication.

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Dr. Safia Urooj, & Prof. Dr. Muhammad Shahid Farooq. (2023). Impact of Students’ Ubiquitous Learning through Web 2.0 Tool on Students’ 21st Century Skills: Creativity and Communication. Research Journal of Social Sciences and Economics Review, 4(1), 125-140.