Role of Literacy & Non-Formal Education in Building a Sustainable and Peaceful Society in Punjab, Pakistan

  • Saima Nasreen Lecturer, Institute of Education, University of Sargodha
  • Sajid Hasan PLC Chiniot, Literacy & NFBE Department District Chiniot
  • Rohina Gul DEO, Literacy & NFBE Department Chiniot
Keywords: Sustainable Peace, Poverty, Gender Disparity, Quality Education


Literacy plays a vital role in the transition of the world as well as in building a sustainable and peaceful society. Promoting literacy leads to enhanced skills, knowledge, and upgraded mindsets which encourage individuals to build a sustainable future and assist them to make effective and informed decisions. The major objectives of the study were: 1) to explore the role of the literacy department in transition for promoting a sustainable peaceful society and 2) to identify the barriers to implementation of promoting literacy and a sustainable peaceful society. In the current research study, the qualitative research design was used. The population of the study was selected through purposive sampling technique all the stakeholders who could play a role in promoting literacy in the Punjab. The sample of the study was selected through a purposive sampling technique and it consisted of 15 stakeholders of the district Chiniot. The self-developed interview guide was used for data collection. However, the data was analyzed through thematic analysis. The findings of the study reflected that the literacy department has a significant role in promoting literacy for world transition and developing a sustainable peaceful society. It was recommended that the literacy initiatives should be expanded and should also be strengthened in all the areas of Punjab.

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Saima Nasreen, Sajid Hasan, & Rohina Gul. (2024). Role of Literacy & Non-Formal Education in Building a Sustainable and Peaceful Society in Punjab, Pakistan. Research Journal of Social Sciences and Economics Review, 5(1), 16-24.