The Consequences of Cyberbullying on the Psychological Well-being of University Students

  • Dr. Zahida Noreen Lecturer (Education), Higher Education Department, Punjab, Pakistan
  • Dr. Mateen Iqbal School Education Department, Punjab, Pakistan
Keywords: University Students, Cyberbullying, Psychological Correlates, Psychological Effects


Advancements in technological tools and the increasing use of social media platforms have led to the wreaking harm of cyberbullying. Cyberbullying is believed to be a significant societal problem that demands serious attention within communities (Heirman & Walrave, 2012). The purpose of the study was to explore the consequences of cyber victimization and cyberbullying on self-esteem, anxiety, and distress among university students. A cross-sectional survey was used on 400 university students studying at the BS level selected by using a convenient sampling technique. Research tools RCBI, BAI-Y, RSES, and BDI-Y were adapted. Scales were adapted contextualized, and pilot-tested. All scales were reliable with acceptable alpha value cyber victimization = 0.90, cyberbullying = 0.90, anxiety 0.83, self-esteem = 0.68, and distress = 0.79. The collected data were tabulated, analyzed, and interpreted using descriptive (frequency & percentage) and inferential statistics (t-test, Regression Analysis). The analysis revealed that anxiety has a positive relationship with cyber victimization and cyberbullying. Likewise, cyber victimization and cyberbullying increase the distress level of students. Moreover, self-esteem is negatively affected by cyber victimization and cyberbullying. Hence, it is concluded that there was a prevalence of cyber victimization and cyberbullying at the university level in Punjab, and cyber victimization and cyberbullying results in high anxiety, lower self-esteem, and a high level of distress. There is a need for collaboration between government agencies and universities to protect students from the occurrence of cyberbullying.

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Dr. Zahida Noreen, & Dr. Mateen Iqbal. (2024). The Consequences of Cyberbullying on the Psychological Well-being of University Students. Research Journal of Social Sciences and Economics Review, 5(1), 36-46.