The Effect of Integrative Pedagogy on Academic Achievements of Chemistry Students

  • Dr. Khisro Kaleem Raza Head, Department of Education Sarhad University Peshawar
  • Dr. Niaz Muhammad Aajiz Assistant Professor, Islamia College University Peshawar
  • Dr. Alam Zeb Lectutrer, Centre for Education and Staff Training, University of Swat
Keywords: Integrative Pedagogy, Achievements in Chemistry, Science Pedagogy, Integrative Learning in Chemistry, Correlates of Achievements in Chemistry


The study in hand aimed to determine the effects of integrative pedagogy over the academic performance of secondary school students in the subject of Chemistry. The study was conducted in an experimental framework following the Solomon Four Group Design. A total sample of 120 students of 10th class was randomly taken from 4 private sector Secondary Schools of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. The sample was divided into 4 groups, each having 30 students. Giving a randomized treatment to the groups, two groups were taken as experimental while two were taken as controlled. One experimental and one controlled group were pre-tested for Chemistry subject performance through objective achievement tests, while others were not pre-tested. Both experimental groups were taught through integrative pedagogy while the controlled groups were taught through the traditional method for three months. After regular monthly post-testing, the triplicate data revealed an 11-point average increase in the academic performance of chemistry students in both the experimental groups in comparison to the controlled groups.

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Dr. Khisro Kaleem Raza, Dr. Niaz Muhammad Aajiz, & Dr. Alam Zeb. (2021). The Effect of Integrative Pedagogy on Academic Achievements of Chemistry Students. Research Journal of Social Sciences and Economics Review, 2(1), 275-279.