Developing Instructional Design in Teacher Education for Blended Learning Environment: A Needs Analysis

  • Alina Raza Teaching / Research Associate, International Islamic University Islamabad
  • Prof. Dr. Samina Malik Professor / Additional Director Distance Education, International Islamic University Islamabad
  • Prof. Dr. N. B. Jumani Vice President (Administration, Finance & Planning), International Islamic University Islamabad
Keywords: Instructional Design, Teacher Education, Needs Analysis, Blended Learning


The Instructional Design is a framework to integrate multimedia features in the curriculum to create a facilitated, interactive, and student-centered teaching-learning environment as the latest trends in instructional strategies are moving towards incorporating instructional technologies into the classroom. The present study intended to conduct a needs analysis: to identify the needs and problems of the prospective teachers to measure the performance gap. This study is focused upon the need analysis phase based on the generic ADDIE (Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation) approach to develop an instructional design specifically for the blended learning environment. This study was experimental, and the sample of the study was taken through purposive sampling technique that included twenty Prospective teachers of BS Education 7th semester. A self-developed detailed need analysis questionnaire was used to collect data for the need analysis phase. The needs-analysis plan was developed and implemented on the following parameters: leaners’ analysis, environmental analysis, content analysis, instructional analysis, and instructional media analysis. The results of the need analysis revealed that there was a need to adopt planned instructional procedures to overcome the performance gap of prospective teachers in terms of their needs, requirements, problems, and expectations in the teaching-learning process, based on which the instructional design would be designed, developed implemented and evaluated for blended learning environment according to ADDIE approach.

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Alina Raza, Prof. Dr. Samina Malik, & Prof. Dr. N. B. Jumani. (2020). Developing Instructional Design in Teacher Education for Blended Learning Environment: A Needs Analysis. Research Journal of Social Sciences and Economics Review (RJSSER), 1(4), 273-281.