Quality University Education Through Conducive Classroom Learning Environment

  • Dr. Nasir Shaheen Assistant Professor/Director QEC, University of Swat
  • Dr. Nasir Ahmad Assistant Professor, Centre for Education and Staff Traning, University of Swat
  • Dr. Rehmat Shah Assistant Professor, Virtual University Lahore
Keywords: Quality Education, Learning Environment, Confidence, Creativity, Authentic


Quality university education is the central aspiration of universities in the 21st century where different dimensions are explore as starting point including classroom learning environment. This classroom learning environment can boost or hinder students’ learning which covers the physical and psychological dimension shaving significant effects on classroom teaching learning process at university level. Promoting quality education therefore needs; supportive classroom environment, students’ confidence building, provision of learning facilities, its utilization, self-developed code of conduct and sense of responsibility among the stakeholders. This study explored students and teachers views about quality education through conducive’ classroom learning environment at university level following explanatory research design with a questionnaire and interview tools. The findings revealed that teachers took the learning responsibilities of students, impose external code of conduct for classroom business, rare utilization of classroom learning resources and scarcity of some important instructional materials for teaching in classroom. Therefore, it was recommended, that teachers may accept students’ potential, trust in them, respect their view point by engineering critical and creative thinking through authentic instructional approach.

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Dr. Nasir Shaheen, Dr. Nasir Ahmad, & Dr. Rehmat Shah. (2020). Quality University Education Through Conducive Classroom Learning Environment. Research Journal of Social Sciences and Economics Review, 1(1), 76-84. https://doi.org/10.36902/rjsser-vol1-iss1-2020(76-84)