The Projection of Societal Evil in the Poetry of Hamid Khan

  • Dr. Abdul Karim Khan Assistant Professor, Department of English & Applied Linguistics, Univesity of Scince & Technology, Bannu, KP, Pakistan
Keywords: Hamid Khan, Evil, Foregrounding, Velvet of Loss, Pale Leaf (Three Voices)


The concept of evil is foregrounded in most of the poems of Khan. This paper focuses on the theme of evil in its variant shapes that are foregrounded in Khan’s poetry. For this purpose, both the collections of Khan, “Velvet of Loss” and “Pale Leaf (Three Voices)” are used for the data under study. Only those poems are selected that bear the foregrounded theme of evil. The poems that foreground the evil are Octopus, I Won’t Talk, The Dawn, The City, In a Café, Labyrinth, Nostalgia, Nemesis, Eclipsed Moon, Space-Scape, and Inertia. The presence of evil that negatively shapes the human condition is indirectly projected for making the reader taking interest which, in turn, compels them to become conscious of their plight in the present and terrifying dangers in the future. This consciousness, ultimately, leads to the reformation of society. In this regard, Khan can be taken as a great reformer of the society who carries a sense of sympathy and empathy through his terse and stenographic style. Lastly, this paper will guide local researchers for furthering research in the area of Pakistani Literature in English. In this regard, local voices will be analyzed for local issues and problems.

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Dr. Abdul Karim Khan. (2020). The Projection of Societal Evil in the Poetry of Hamid Khan. Research Journal of Social Sciences and Economics Review, 1(4), 221-224.