The Influence of Political Advertisements on Voter's Intention in Pakistan

  • Faisal Aziz PhD Scholar, Faculty of Media & Communication Studies, University of Central Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan
Keywords: Political Advertisements, Voters' Intention, Electronic Media, Social Media, Exposure and Impact


Pakistani media Advertising has gotten more compelling and persuasive in the field of Political correspondence. This research work elaborates the insight about political ads on the democratic expectation of Pakistani electors during the general elections of 2018. The universe for the investigation is the 200 male and female enrolled electors of Sargodha Zone. This paper likewise investigates and analyses the impact of emotional standards, singular mentality, and sentiments toward Political Advertising. There are two medium selected Electronics medium and social media. Selected Electronics Media channels to access political advertising are Geo News, Dunya News, and Express-News although selected Social media Sites are Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. The data was gathered through well designed quantitative using survey technique. According to the results, the impact was being estimated and it seemed that there is a positive correlation between political Adson elector's goals. The apparatus for the quantitative methodology would be a poll for gathering the information. In the investigation, there are two Variables, political Advertising is the independent variable, and citizens' aim is the dependent variable. Political Advertising is a type of battling utilized by the political possibility to reach and impact electors. The democratic expectation alludes to the mentality, conviction, and estimation of the elector's considerations.

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Faisal Aziz. (2020). The Influence of Political Advertisements on Voter’s Intention in Pakistan. Research Journal of Social Sciences and Economics Review, 1(4), 233-241.