Stuart Hallian Study of Shakespeare: A Resurgence of Hamlet through Haider

  • Nimra Zafar Department of English, University of Narowal, Narowal
  • Farwa Batool Department of English University of Lahore, Lahore
  • Salman Sajid Department of English, University of Lahore, Lahore
Keywords: Coding, Decoding, Cinematic Adaptation, Shakespeare, Reception


This work aims to investigate the rebuilding of the Shakespearean play Hamlet in an Indian movie Haider and the similarities and differences between both of the works. It further explores the audience’s reception of the movie and the meanings that every diverse group drives differently according to their culture and context, geographies, and mindsets. It explains the reestablishing of Shakespearean works in the Indian context and the highlighting of local issues. The paper in the light of Stuart Hall’s reception theory manifests the idea of the director Bhrdawaj who decodes the text of Hamlet according to his intelligence and then he encodes some meanings by recreating Hamlet into an adaptation. The Indian cinematic representation of Haider is then further decoded by various groups of audience rendering to their varied receptions. Most of the characters and their sensations in the Haider are similar to that of Hamlet's but their portrayal can be seen differently in this adaptation. Some characters are missing like Horatio, some are given clear voices who are previously ambiguous in the play, as Gertrude in the form of Ghazala, and a few are differently created to look realistic in the modern world such as Roohdaar who acts like Hamlet's ghost but is not the ghost, he is instead a prisoner and revolutionary who performs the similar role of conveying the message of vengeance as the Shakespearean ghost does. This research is also concerned about the last message given in the movie which is opposite of Hamlet's text, and through which the producer has tried to change the notion of revenge.

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Nimra Zafar, Farwa Batool, & Salman Sajid. (2021). Stuart Hallian Study of Shakespeare: A Resurgence of Hamlet through Haider. Research Journal of Social Sciences and Economics Review, 2(2), 220-226.