Factors Affecting the Satisfaction of School Teachers with Performance Appraisal System in Punjab

  • Dr. Seema Arif Associate Professor, University of Management and Technology Lahore https://orcid.org/0000-0002-8032-4325
  • Muhammad Nadeem Principal Officer, Mines & Minerals Department Mianwali
  • Dr. Fazli Khaliq Lecturer, National College of Physical Education Mardan
Keywords: Correlational Research, Performance Appraisal System, Secondary School Teachers, Satisfaction


Performance Appraisal System (PAS) is the tool the education department of Pakistan uses to evaluate the performance of teachers. Survey research was conducted to determine the satisfaction level of public-school teachers with conduction and outcomes of PAS. The correlational research design was planned to determine the perceptions of the teachers about their competencies in areas evaluated by PAS and its outcomes. A multistage random sampling technique was used to access the target sample of 900 higher secondary school teachers from 12 out of 36 districts of Punjab. Since it was a pioneer study, a self-constructed questionnaire was used for the survey piloted on two out of 12 selected districts. The questionnaire was distributed among 1200 teachers; 960 were retrieved, and 900 were tabulated and recorded on SPSS 21 for the final analysis. Both descriptive and inferential statistics were applied. After ensuring reliability, the items were factorized using the exploratory factor analysis technique yielding six factors. Pearson Correlation was conducted to determine the strength of the relationship among the variables, while multiple linear regressions using the stepwise method were conducted to get informed with the critical risk factors associated with the satisfaction of teachers with the conduction of PAS. The results reveal a highly complex situation faced by school teachers; though teachers have displayed complete knowledge about the conduction of the PAS process and its consequences, yet, not only the teachers seem deficient in the needed skills; they also lack motivation for self-development.

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Dr. Seema Arif, Muhammad Nadeem, & Dr. Fazli Khaliq. (2020). Factors Affecting the Satisfaction of School Teachers with Performance Appraisal System in Punjab. Research Journal of Social Sciences and Economics Review, 1(3), 1-11. https://doi.org/10.36902/rjsser-vol1-iss3-2020(1-11)