The Role of Teacher-students Relationship in Students’ Academic Growth and Performance

  • Amir Hafeez Malik PhD Scholar, Department of English, Islamia University Bahawalpur
  • Unaiza Khudai PhD Scholar, Department of English, University Teknologi Malaysia
  • Abdul Rashid Lecturer in English, Bahadur Sub Campus Layyah, BZU, Multan
Keywords: Academic Bridge, Student-teacher Relationship, Academic Growth and Performance


The present study is aimed to trace out the role of teacher-students relationship in academic growth and performance of the students. The main objective of the study is to see what sort of student-teacher relation is being practiced in our ELT classrooms in the universities of the South Punjab. The data was collected through questionnaire and follow up interviews from students studying English language in Public and Private Universities of South Punjab. The responses were collected from 171 male and female students of undergraduate classes. The findings of the present study reveal that 76.6% population of the students is well aware of the strong and effective impact of student-teacher on their academic growth and performance. While 23.4% population is not aware of the importance of the student- teacher’s relationship and neither this population counted the role of student- teacher relationship in improving the quality and academic performance in the classrooms. Thus, the present study suggests that it is necessary for both the student and teachers to pay special attention in improving the student-teacher relationship. The student-teacher relationship functions as a bridge for carrying out the academic process effectively. The more the student-teacher relation is ignored in classroom, the more academic performance is affected one.

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Amir Hafeez Malik, Unaiza Khudai, & Abdul Rashid. (2022). The Role of Teacher-students Relationship in Students’ Academic Growth and Performance. Research Journal of Social Sciences and Economics Review, 3(4), 86-92.