The Role of AI in Shaping Europe's Higher Education Landscape: Policy Implications and Guidelines with a Focus on Ireland

  • Muhammad Irfan Researcher, Quality Support Unit, University of Limerick
  • Prof. Liam Murray Head of Linguistics Department, University of Limerick
  • Dr. Sajjad Ali Assistant Professor, University of Malakand
Keywords: Artificial Intelligence, Higher Education, Policy Considerations, University of Limerick, Data Integrity, Continuous Evaluation.


This research investigates the policy considerations for integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) across various academic departments at the University of Limerick, encapsulating a comprehensive view of shared and department-specific principles. It employs a qualitative approach, using an open-ended questionnaire to collect data from a stratified random sample of staff members. The data is analyzed thematically, revealing both common and unique themes related to AI implementation. Common themes, universally acknowledged across all departments, include data integrity, bias mitigation, explainable AI, human-centric AI augmentation, privacy and security measures, and continuous evaluation and improvement. Conversely, unique themes identify the distinctive considerations of individual academic departments, illustrating the adaptability of AI technology. The study underscores the balanced approach of the University in catering to the unique needs of different academic disciplines while maintaining a robust set of shared ethical guidelines. These insights contribute significantly to the burgeoning discourse around AI integration in higher education, fostering a more efficient, inclusive, and innovative academic landscape.

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Muhammad Irfan, Prof. Liam Murray, & Dr. Sajjad Ali. (2023). The Role of AI in Shaping Europe’s Higher Education Landscape: Policy Implications and Guidelines with a Focus on Ireland. Research Journal of Social Sciences and Economics Review, 4(2), 231-243.