The Pandemic of COVID-19 and Policy Responses by Major Powers

  • Dr. Muhammad Tariq PhD Political Science, Teacher at Elementary & Secondary Education Department Mardan, KP, Pakistan
  • Dr. Imtiaz Ahmad Assistant Professor, Department of Journalism and Mass Communication, University of Malakand Chakdara Lower Dir
  • Suhrab Ahmad Lecturer, Department of Political Science, University of Chitral
Keywords: COVID-19, Policy Responses, Economies, Major Powers


The pandemic of COVID-19 created great havoc in the whole world through its fast penetration. The virus, after hitting China, soon penetrated the world at a very fast pace. The pandemic crippled the economic structure of the world compelling them for prompt action.  Though some countries had to adopt strategies for the recovery of their economies either through V-shaped or through U-shaped recovery, yet it would have far-reaching consequences on their economies. Every country had to make the best use of its available resources for protecting the health as well as the economic sector. The most affected ones were the major powers particularly the United States and European Powers besides some other countries of Asia. The focus of this paper is on the adherence to SOPs and different economic and relief packages by the major powers for the survival of their countries and the restoration of the economies.

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Dr. Muhammad Tariq, Dr. Imtiaz Ahmad, & Suhrab Ahmad. (2020). The Pandemic of COVID-19 and Policy Responses by Major Powers. Research Journal of Social Sciences and Economics Review, 1(3), 161-168.