Practicing Formative Assessment for Betterment: A Content Analysis

  • Nadia Ejaz
  • Aneela Alam Fatima Jinnah Women University, the Mall, Rawalpindi
  • Tanzeela Alam
Keywords: Formative Assessment, Content Analysis, Trends, Pakistan


Formative assessment aims at providing teachers the feedback for the modifications of the learning experiences that they give to students. This study aimed at exploring how formative assessment has been used for improving the quality of teaching-learning process over the past five years. Content analysis of 50 studies relating to formative assessment (published from 2015 to 2020) has been done in this study. Two research objectives were formulated that includes: To identify the practices of FA “formative assessment”. Second objective was to explore the current research trends in the area of practicing formative assessment for betterment. To search for the studies relevant to formative assessment, search engines such as Google, ERIC, Google scholar and Academia was utilized. The data was analyzed under ten sub-categories i.e study type, study years, sampling, study locations, tools used, research methods, data analysis procedure, variables and results. The results of the study showed that teachers with higher Continuous Professional Development (CPD) participation have stronger beliefs in formative assessment than with lower Continuous Professional Development (CPD) participation.

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Nadia Ejaz, Aneela Alam, & Tanzeela Alam. (2022). Practicing Formative Assessment for Betterment: A Content Analysis. Research Journal of Social Sciences and Economics Review, 3(3), 50-57.